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Athena Poullos The Womb Alchemist


Herbalist & Plant Medicine Facilitator specialising in the area of healing and reconnection from trauma and emotional separation. Reconnecting souls back to their body and the core attributes that humanity rightly holds, the heart centre. A Holistic Approach to Feminine Health between mind, body, soul and spirit.

Free Self Care Worksheets & Downloadable Audio

Women's Self Care Workbook, Meditation & Shamanic Drumming audio included!

"Our Spirit is not broken, we have just been disconnected from the mind & body".

- Athena P


This Womb Deck has been co-created with the plant spirits and the very guidance of my womb and natural feminine cycles. Each card comes through me as I honour each phase, dieta for each plant medicine and working with sacred mother earth landscapes and universal creations. These cards are a mix between shamanic journeys, guidance and self care. They can be used for multiple purposes.


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My Work


Shamanism & Feminine Work

The shamanic path changed my route, consciousness and activations. Leading me to the medicine path and the deeper journey within myself I not only did the work but this was the field I knew I needed to work in, Shamanism has been one of the largest activations for me personally to walk the path I am on now. I began my womb work in 2021, this has been a huge part of my trauma recovery on a physical, emotional and sexual plane. This year I felt the calling to go deeper and so I am in my last 14 months of completing a very deep, shamanic yet trauma informed womens' holistic health practitioner.


Herbalist & Healing Dietas

I am mostly self taught due to my own journey in 2017, therefore I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience working with plants, detoxes, natural medicine, nutrition, dietas and plant medicine. I am in the process of gaining my qualification in order to be of service to others.

Plant Medicine & Trauma Healing

This has been an incredible journey so far, although I am currently in the process of qualifications this has been a triggered journey by the plant spirits, spending almost 3 years at sacred sites, working with Mother Earth and the collective consciousness, Mother Earth and the plant spirits guided to the understanding and rabbit hole of trauma. This has been a huge influence and awareness of my own path too. 



An illuminating journey inwards. ✨

What a beautiful, vulnerable and truly sacred experience. Athena was professional, wonderfully kind and helpful when I reached out and asked her for guidance on connected with the divine and sacred womb space. 

- Holly.J, UK

How I loved so much this womb meditation sacred with Sister Athena.

Her work is so very special and very powerful everything so professional done correctly then she was so patiently guiding me through this healing process fantastic incredible I'm so grateful and so blessed to join this amazing journey with her amazing work I feel after much lighter.

- Jove.S, UK

Athena, thank you! I LOVE this offering for a transformative session. I have been able to connect to parts of myself I had no awareness of. Thank you for your patience, gentleness. Ps really enjoyed listening to your voice, tranquil x

- Sophia.D, CY

A Soul-Touching Journey

I recently had the incredible privilege of receiving a guided meditation session from Athena, and it was undeniably one of the most soul-touching and deep-rooted experiences I have ever encountered. Athena's exceptional skills, combined with her immense patience, created an atmosphere of profound tranquility and self-discovery. From the moment I stepped into Athena's serene sanctuary, I felt an immediate sense of calm enveloping me. Her warm smile and gentle demeanor instantly put me at ease, making it easier to open up and embrace the journey ahead.

- Marianna.P, CY

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