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My Story

I’ve been a dedicated practitioner of holistic medicine since 2017. 

After a long battle of PTSD, Auto Immune-disease, Hormonal imbalances and high levels of fight, flight and freeze due to sexual and mental trauma. Spirituality and the journey of self healing guided me to helping others heal themselves. From a young age my psychic abilities have stayed with me, my spiritual team guiding me where I need to be exactly.

I have worked with other modalities previously such as Reiki and Crystal healing. Although I no longer use these practises they have guided and helped me tremendously to get me where I am now, this is all apart of the magical journey!

2023 has been a big year for me, where I have had my deepest awakenings not only to find my practise path but to myself. In September 2023 I headed off to the jungle to dive deep with mother ayahuasca, working on the deepest shadows and traumas that have been held within my mind, body and soul. Allowing me to connect with my spirit, guiding me to my blue print, being of service to the divine feminine.


My Approach

I am always working on myself and have embedded into my conscience to always be mindful of my thoughts, actions and reactions to myself & all beings on & off mother earth. I have the awareness of that not everything can be plastered with love, light and joy. The journey of sitting with the various frequencies and emotions that arise need to be embraced, felt and nurtured. As long as we work towards transformation and solutions, we can experience the freedom and gratitude for the process in the shadows.

I will say my goal is not to become an "influencer" or some sort of "guru" or "leader". Instead, I simply wish to share my path, and in knowing this reaches the souls who are beginning or experiencing the healing path where they may find courage or reassurance.

I am not a healer, or here to fix you. I do not claim to be anything, I find labels and hierarchy to be very dangerous. The one aspect I can gracefully say is that I deeply love my practices & I am here to help others find their own light, power and wholeness. My knowing is that I came here to embody this very path and I am doing what my soul has guided me to do.

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