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Working with Psilocybin

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

The world of mushrooms is extremely fascinating enough, but knowing they have a psychoactive chemical compound that activates the DMT in our brain is known commonly to be used for trips. But it is much more than that because mushrooms are one of the master plants (fungi). Not only does he show us these impeccable visions of the world and realities from an altered state, but he also has such a large impact on rewiring our programmes, consciousness expansion and the receptor responses in our body working with mental health disorders. It somewhat bothers me that a natural form of medicine is considered illegal and classed as a "drug". I understand that if the whole world has access to these natural medicines then the poor pharmaceutical industry would be closed down! Because they are powerful for our bodies but also for the expansion of the heart and consciousness. This is exactly why they are illegal, why let someone know they have free resources to potentially life-changing substances created from mother earth if you can keep them locked up in a system that drip-feeds one problem to another? (In no way am I slamming the system as i believe at times modern medicine has saved many lives. But for me, this is to an extent because myself & my family have witnessed enough damage to the mind & body for my opinions to be very strongly against drugs.

There are various reasons why people turn to Psilocybin. For me, it was unexpected and I needed it the most without even realising it. I began my Plant Medicine journey around 4 years ago, my first encounter was with mama cacao, who I still work with most days of the week, she is incredible i have already written a blog on her, see my previous posts! But when I am exploring the world, being held in space & entering the limitless world of shamanism, working with psychedelics has changed my life & my views.

The fears that took over my mind & body The first time I tried shrooms was a microdose and I felt ok, it was an appropriate time because I was doing some intense healing work and I felt safe being held by the energy workers I was working with, it was extremely vague where I could only see outlines of colours around objects/energy fields. But it helped the process. The second time I took mushrooms was on a retreat where I was very safe but the daunt of taking it for a real internal journey is when it got the better of me. Anxiety, nerves and bad thoughts. Because it was the unknown for me, going into a full journey with medicine and not knowing how I will react. When the medicine kicked in I freaked out at the heightening phase, I had never felt my energy expand and visions come in so strongly. I was in tears because I felt alone and all of these buried emotions coming up to the surface from my childhood. I never realised this at the time because I was stuck in my mind, rather than trying to breathe through it, I let myself panic and talk out of an experience that could have been extremely transformative.

This feeling happened a few times after this, but It taught me about boundaries & doing things that I feel comfortable with, this is when I started to learn about micro-dosing and I would only work with higher dosages when it felt right. Even though they were intense, being around the right energies is massively important as you never know what the spirits of shrooms are going to teach you, what traumas will surface and this is why working with any type of medicine, environment and people are very important to your experiences.


The point of no return! I have fallen in love with the medicine. I now give myself a trusting responsibility to openly say how I feel pre-ceremony, which brings me a lot of comfort and trust. I don't feel like every trip needs to be a high dosage, the medicine will show you appropriately no matter what gram you take everything you need in that present moment to process. Since I have worked responsibly with the right dosage for me I have seen a significant change in my mind, body & soul growth. I have been experiencing 80% less of my PTSD, anxiety & depressive thoughts. Psilocybin is actively working in our system for 3 months. Much of my cortisol & inflammation has reduced since working with the medicine. I have felt more euphoric in my daily routine and I know the medicine is always within me helping me to grow and expand.

Spiritually it most definitely has activated my psyché to a new level of evolution in my dimensional body. My understanding of shadow work has evolved, it is now a part of my daily life. To open my heart to new experiences & see beyond my own perspective which was the old version of me. Unlocked many new paths for me, a new understanding of myself and to truly see the world for what it is (limitless!)

Let's cover some important things I am not one who likes to plug people into fear, but sometimes we have to be honest and say not every trip is amazing. No, I have had ceremonies where I have spent about 4-5 hours crying and crying hysterically because of some dark traumas that have been accessed and released. But at the end of the journey I ended up finding it fascinating because no trip is the ever same, and no teaching is repeated unless needed. But it's about seeing the light within the darkness, as soon as we consume in the darkness we become victims of it. I personally am not fearful of entities and energies from these astral realms and so if you are not used to working with spiritual beings, then yes shroom trips can be frightful and enough to send anybody to church. But I always see these things as opportunities. The chance to evolve and step over fear, transform & transmute all that comes your way. Sometimes these external beings are versions of ourselves that we may be running from, at the end of the day we haven't come to earth pre-sparkling and glistening. Earth is a denser realm to our light body for many of us, and it carries a versatile of soul experiences and missions to fulfil. Some important messages I have received from the medicine " The world is not what it seems, take a step back and become the observer " " You hold the power to shift your frequency, nobody else will do it for you " " You are a creator, equally as important as all other life forces within the universe" " I am the only one holding onto my fears, past and trauma. I am the only one who can let go".

"Trust, Surrender, Release." " Our minds have been sucked into many illusions of the spiritual and muggle world. Open your eyes and your heart to see through all". " You are walking wisdom, you cannot be taught this or teach it." " Trauma is the root of many dis-eases & disorders. "

"You are the only storyteller to your timelines" These are some of the teachings I keep close to me every day, although I have found the medicine to work within me constantly, a continuous expansion of knowledge, wisdom & growth. It is an activation where you cannot turn back unless you do it. Thank you for reading, I hope my experiences have given some insight into working holistically. I wouldn't change it for anything.

If you want to chat with me leave a comment, drop me an email or DM me via instagram.

With love, Athena x

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